Far Town Entertainment showcasing independent media talent.

In 2011, Tim Collins launched Far Town Entertainment with a vision of showcasing independent talent across the nation. With a background in British Cinema, this began with showcasing Writeways Music's short film 'Oneway' at the AMC Manchester. Then, in 2013, we showcased Productive Film's feature length film 'The Boyfriend' at one of Vue's flagship cinemas in Queen Elizabeth park, London. This really showed what we could achieve, from ticket sales, cinema projection, arrranging a premiere after party and also documenting the whole event with cast interviews.


We wanted to showcase more of our talents and in 2012 produced our first short film 'Rick and Jim'. This was written by the talented Mark Okakwu of '3KO' and the creative direction of Anthony Gardiner from Intermittent Frames. Working closely with 3KO & Intermittent Frames, Far Town Entertainment along with Winter Boy Productions have partially completed their first web series, 'The Living Room'. This is our most exciting project yet and we're looking forward to sharing it with you.


Far Town Entertainment continues to build on the existing portfolio with more projects on the horizon. 'Outlane', is a short film directed by Tim Collins and will be released later in the year. 'Too Good' is another short production directed by 'The Living Room' star Dave Fennessy to be launched soon after.